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Advantage Masks - Earloop - Blue
Item # 8307
Advantage Masks - Earloop - Blue (50/box) $7.35ea
Fluid Resistant - Latex Free
Advantage Non-Woven Sponges -4 Ply.
Advantage Non-Woven Sponges - 4 Ply.
Non-sterile. Made from 30 gram weight rayon/polyester blend. Absorbent, soft, smooth and strong. Can be used...
Advantage Pouches 3.50" x 9"
Item #SCS3
Advantage Pouches 3.50" x 9"/ea (200/bx) $9.95ea
Item #SCM3
Advantage Pouches 5.25" x 10"/ea (200/bx) $15.75ea
All Gauze Sponges 12 Ply
Premium All Gauze Sponges 12 Ply, Non-sterile. Made from USP 100% gauze, highly absorbent
ITEM# ENC212 2"X2" / 5X5CM (12 PLY)
Autoclave Fill Filter
Item # 8106
Pelton Crane Autoclave Sterilizer Fill Vent Filter for Validator 8, Validator 10, OCM, OCR, Omniclaves, Sentry, Magnaclave
Autoclave Gaskets
Item #028 - M11 Door Gasket:
12.875" ODSilicone rubberwill fit Midmark M11 & M11D
$63.17eaItem# 036 - Dam Gasket for M11:
Breathing Bags HD
Reusable quality black conductive Neoprene Breathing Tubes.
Item #18701 - 1 liter $18.85ea
Item #18702 - 2 liter $19.50ea
Cohesive Bandage 2"
Item #8663
Oasis Cohesive Tape 2" (36ct/box)
Flexible cohesive bandages that adheres to itself and does not require clips or fasteners. It...
Endotrachael Tubes
PVC plastic, Murphy eye, inflatable cuff, pilot balloon, inflation valve and connector.
Shipping Weight: 1 lb. ea
EZ-Clear Collar
Here it is - another innovation in post surgery recovery collars. The new EZ Clear Collar has been specifically designed to make fast work applying and...
EZ-Soft Collar
Introducing the newest innovation in post-surgical recovery collars. You've never seen any other fabric-based collar work like this. Lightweight and pliable...
Fecatector Diagnostic Kit 50 kits per box
ITEM# 8313
Fecatector Diagnostic Kit 50 kits per box
A unique, sanitary leak-proof collection device, to be used by the client for obtaining...
Feline Anesthesia Mask
Made from soft, pliable, transparent, vinyl plastic compound. Small and medium sizes have molded on 15mm standard male connections. Large has standard...
Gloves - Exam Curad Nitrile
This nitrile glove is an excellent latex-free alternative. It is lightly textured for better grip and blue in color for greater visibility. Beaded cuff...
KVP ID Bands carry on the tradition of providing the industry’s most resilient, easy-to-use,
short- and long-term visual identification solution....
K-9 anesthesia Masks
K-9 Anesthesia Masks, transparent cone made from high impact plastic with neoprene rubber diaphram. 15mm standard male taper connection fits “Y”...
Lap Sponges
Lap Sponges
Highly Absorbent Lap Sponges are X-Ray Detectable. These latex-free lap sponges are pre-wahed and de-linted for problem-free use.
Microscrope Slides & Cover Slips
Microscope Slides
Pre-cleaned, high quality glass. Hard, colorless, non-corrosive. Ground, polished edges. 1"X3" 72 per box.
Nylon Muzzles
Nylon muzzle with neoprene padding for comfort. Adjustable, quick and easy to fit.
Padded, secure restraint for comfortable...
O.R. Towels
Item# 7163
These new blue towels are made of 100% cotton. They measure 16" x 26" and are reusable. They can be autoclaved. These are top quality...
Pill Crusher / Splitter
Item# 8107
Our deluxe 3-in-1 pill crusher has a serrated crushing surface and stainless steel blade providing you two places to either cut or crush...
Recova-Clear Collar
Recova-Clear Collars deliver softer, gentler and more effective restraint for healing procedures in kittens, adult felines, and puppies. The clear, soft...
Sharps Container
Sharps Container
For safe disposal of sharps in restricted access areas. Versatile lid accommodates contaminated items of various sizes. Constructed...
Spay Pack - K9 OR Feline
Item #8319
18 piece feline spay pack comes with 18 German grade surgical steel instruments.
1 6¾" straight mayo scissors1 #3 5" scalpel/blade...
Sterile Surgeon Gown
Item# - 8108
Made from SMS fabric, these Oasis Brand sterile surgical gowns come individually packaged. Full back with wrap-around and knit sleeves....
Sundry Jars
Item# 8100
These deluxe clear sundry jars feature unbreakable plastic polystyrene. Jars are permanately labeled in blue and come with clear lids...
Tongue Depressors Jr - Non-Sterile
Item #8321
Made from close-grained northern white birch, with high tensile strength and a smooth, polished surface. These tongue depressors are...
Universal Anesthesia Circuit
Item # 06830
Universal Anesthesia Breathing Circuit. Polyethylene, Semi-Transparent: Can be cleaned with soap and water and non-solvent cold disinfecting...
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